Some people feel as if taking a one year old to Disneyland is a total waste of your time & money. Well let me tell you, IT’S NOT!

You do have to realize you won’t experience Disney quite the same, but it’s not bad. Brandon & I went just by ourselves with Ryland. We would switch off going on rides, but we would just go as single riders…. SO NICE. Why you ask? Because it took about 10 minutes to get on the ride.

There are a few tips I would suggest.


1. Buy matching outfits

It makes the experience so much more magical. Here are the links for mine & Ryland’s outfits. We started off with Nike shoes and socks, and it was just too hot for him. So I would suggest taking flip flops.

Toddler Mickey Shirt

Mom Mickey Shirt

2. Take lots & lots of water & snacks in a stroller or wagon. 

If you don’t stay hydrated, Disneyland is not fun.

Take some healthy snacks but also take some you can get full with as well. We took protein bars, crackers, power balls (this is my all time favorite snack), organic pretzels, skinny pop & our hydro flasks full of ice & water. We took Ryland yogurt melts, puffs, apple sauce squeezables, squeezable with fruit & vegetables, & a hydro flask for him. It’s so nice to have his own bottle of water to gauge how much he’s drank & also it’s perfect size for him to be in charge of. Even though taking your snacks & drinks in a stroller or wagon is inconvenient because you always have to leave it somewhere, but luckily close to each ride are places to park your stroller or wagon. We always left our diaper bag, snacks, but would take our wallets and a water bottle (or two). Standing in those lines get REALLY hot!  The stroller was our saving grace so he would take a nap.

3. Take a fan to spray yourself. 

It was so hot & humid. We were all drenched in sweat. The only thing that really helped was a mister hand held fan. We bought ours at Smiths Market Place & I know they sale them at Target… but here is this one I found online.  Ryland was beat red because he was so hot & playing so much. The fan helped all of us feel cool.

4. Take your kid to TOON TOWN.

IMG_6149.JPGProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset


Toon Town is AMAZING for kids! There is a cute little ship for kiddos to play on. Ryland was entertained for about 30-45 minutes. This is where Mickey & Minnie’s houses are. Little kids can’t break anything!!!! It was a stress reliever to me. Ryland could touch & play with everything & I didn’t have to worry. We tried to take a picture with Mickey but the wait just wasn’t worth it. There are cartoon cars, Ry loved driving it! In Goofy’s kitchen in toon town, they will fill up your water bottle with ice & water with NO CHARGE! It was a life saver for sure!

5. Take LOTS of pictures

I took my DLSR camera & literally went CRAZY! Family pictures, pictures of Ryland you name it! It’s so fun to look back & see how much fun we all had. All of the popular spots to take pictures have a line… so be prepared to stand and wait. Even with the fun little cars & houses in Toon Town.

6. Here are some rides kiddos can go on.

– Peter Pan

– Pinnochio

– Carrousel (Ryland couldn’t decide how he felt about the up & down motion)

– Dumbo

– Alice & Wonderland (teacups & ride)

– Nemo


– It’s a Small World (LOVED IT)

– Pirates of the Caribbean (LOVED)

-Pooh Bear’s Adventure (didn’t go on)

– The Train (goes around the park & stops 3 times. It was blazing hot, & it didn’t give much of a breeze. I can’t decide if it was worth it. It was cool, but not that fun)

– Rodger Rabbit (in Toon Town)

– Haunted Mansion ( I thought it would be too creepy for him)

** Make sure you go to the rides before it gets close to his nap time.**

7. Be prepared for your kiddo to not take a long nap. 

Generally Ryland takes a 3 hour nap, and while we were in Disneyland he only took about an hour and a half, if that. I found a shady spot & just sat for a little bit. I would fan him & mist him every so often so he wasn’t drenched in sweat. While your kiddo is asleep you need to take advantage of going on rides as a single rider.

8. Get there right when Disneyland opens. 

It’s so nice to hop right on the rides & just enjoy some time without all of the crowds. It’s also nice for Ryland to walk around without having people be on top of him.

We were planning on staying ALLLL day till the fireworks were over, but it got SOOOOO hot. We drove an hour and a half to get to the park, and decided around 5:00 that it would be better to get home than to walk around the park exhausted & wearing Ryland out.

9. Eat WELL! 

One of my friends and bloggers went to Disneyland & wrote a blog post about the clean eats restaurants & snacks to eat to keep you feeling energized & full. It was my saving grace!


10. HAVE FUN & create lasting memories. 

My dad asked my husband & I if it was worth taking Ryland to Disneyland even though he won’t really remember. We answered YES! We loved going to Disneyland with him. My dad said a statement I will never forget… ” Even though he won’t remember it, it will be one of the memories you will never forget”. So true! One of the trips I probably wish we could do again & again.


xox, MB


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